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2 Dec 2012 by victoriabrown, 2 Comments »

Now lets get down to it.  I know you want to here that sexy hot voice.


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  1. Dick says:

    Hello, is this Victoria my new sexy phone friend? I just wanted to say hello that that I am sorry I missed being able to talk with you again today. I have been thinking about you since we talked this morning and hoping we could have a nice time of chatting and caressing and kissing and making love and taking our time doing it. I hope to talk with you soon and I hope my timing gets better in being able to talk with you again.

    • victoriabrown says:

      Dick, you found me here. That is so sweet.

      I am glad you like me so much

      I know you drink and I can deal with that. I know you just drinking cause you bored with your life and want to share a life with me

      That is wonderful

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